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Our Taxes

Our Economy

There is no doubt that high taxes have devastating effects on our citizens and businesses. As a conservative, I believe individuals know better than the government how to spend their hard earned money and thus create jobs.

In Georgia, we should reduce personal income taxes so our families keep more of their own money and eliminate corporate income taxes to attract jobs.

Implement a simpler sales tax to ensure everyone pays their share to reduce income taxes.

Our taxes are too complicated and convoluted. The cost of compliance is growing out of control and costing us jobs as corporations move out of this county and out of our state.

Not only are we competing with our neighboring states, but we are competing with the rest of the world. We must ensure that we have a level playing field.

Now is the time to get our economy working again and the only way to do so is to create jobs. We must make Georgia the number one state in the country for business and job creation.

We must:
• Eliminate corporate income taxes
• Reduce regulations and cut red tape
• Protect our schools while improving education in Georgia.
• Reduce traffic congestion.

Our Water Supply

As a State Representative, I will fight for increased waterstorage and for safe drinking water. The State of Georgia has spent more than $77 million over the past two decades to no avail. Our state leaders must act quickly to ensure that we have enough safe drinking water and streamline the development process of new reservoirs.

Georgia must also put together a comprehensive plan for water management and collection of the trillions of gallons of rain water that fall on our state. We must tackle this issue head-on with a long term perspective rather than just worrying about the next election. After all, Georgia’s future depends on it.

Our Education

As the son of educators and the product of our public schools, I understand the needs of our state’s education system and I believe quality education is the bedrock for community’s economic growth. Our district is blessed with some great schools, but the state as a whole, we are ranked at the bottom of the nation. Georgia is almost last in the nation for high school dropouts.

We can’t afford to fail our children and creating a financial burden for the state. I am passionate about giving more local control to parents and teachers, not bureaucrats in Atlanta. Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

Our Health Care

ObamaCare is one of the most serious threats to individual freedom and our economy. It will bankrupt our small businesses and cause thousands of more Georgians to go jobless. On top of that, once implemented, Obamacare will add over $500,000,000 to Georgia's state budget. We must do everything we can in Georgia to fight Obama and his socialized healthcare plan.

I believe that individuals, not the government, should be responsible for their own health. We simply cannot afford to go down the path of socialized medicine and it’s clear that without the free market we can see real costs rise and innovation and quality of care decline. Like with most things, government is not the answer, but the problem.

Our Values

One of the most important things to me is protecting our traditional Georgia values. I will stand strong for the values that matter to our families and I’m proud to be Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Life, and Pro-Second Amendment. These aren’t campaign promises, this is just how I live my life.

Our Gov't/Spending

Our Transportation

Our State Government should be limited and accountable.
We can cut spending and lower taxes without cutting critical services by simply implementing zero-based budgeting.

Every department in our state government should have to justify its entire budget rather than just have automatic increases. This is a common sense solution to eliminate waste while allowing us to prioritize our spending.

My wife and I sit around the kitchen table to make sure every penny we bring in, is spent wisely. It’s not asking too much for our government to do the same. As your State Representative,
I pledge to be a dutiful steward of our tax dollars.

We need leaders at the Capitol who can make sure we’re getting our fair share of DOT funds to our district. We have to address the traffic issues in our state, because they affect the economy of our district and our community. For those that work in Atlanta, or businesses that sell goods outside our community, we all know the long commute times in Atlanta. They are some of the longest commute times in the nation, putting us at a disadvantage when trying to attract businesses to our state and community.

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